Is the accountancy sector boom linked to the expansion of the cloud?

Accountancy is experiencing a high level of growth in terms of recruitment, according to specialist recruitment agency. Marks Sattin, the financial recruitment specialists, are reporting the likelihood that 11,000 jobs could be created during 2014, a figure made possible if only a third of UK accountancy firms add one member of staff each. EY, formerly Ernst & Young, is believed to be planning to hire 2,400 experienced professionals to work in consultancy and accountancy.  This is in addition to student recruitment of 1,300 by the end of next June. Accountancy is one sector that the economic downturn has not hit hard – proven by its consistent in capability to hire new staff.  The sector has withstood the recession and it’s predicted larger firms ...


Who would benefit more from implementing a cloud computing platform – a large company or a small one?

Traditionally cloud computing has been a godsend for small and medium enterprises as they find it easier to improve cash-flow and time efficiency. Cloud computing has been a key factor in enabling SMEs to compete on an equal footing with large business giants. While larger corporations have been slow on the uptake of cloud computing, the popularity of it is starting to win over more and more businesses, both large and small. When cloud computing was in its early stages of adoption, larger companies naturally expressed their reservations as to its efficiency when protecting mission-critical applications. As time has passed, cloud computing has developed rapidly and continues to do so leading to a greater number of large companies embracing it based on its benefits. Regardless ...


How online accounting can change your business for the better

Cloud computing is changing many aspects of the business world, as more companies than ever before decide to switch into a more technological age. This move means a decidedly different approach is required to accounting, as the process becomes a lot more fluid and interactive. Clients are changing the way they behave in line with modern technological advancements, as cloud options allow them to be more in control of their time. Online accountancy allows clients to keep up to speed on company finances while on the move, so that key information is never too far away. Clients can have more access to their own details and figures, while the online accountancy programmes can carry out a far greater deal of analysis than was previously ...


How can an SME’s make their life easier when it comes to online bookkeeping and invoicing?

Small and medium enterprises place a great deal of value on overall time efficiency when it comes to managing accounts.  Choosing to integrate their accounts to an online system takes a great deal of pressure away from smaller businesses that don’t have the manpower or time to spend on lengthy tasks. Most of the time a business wants instant access and answers to make sound judgements for the future. Online book-keeping and invoicing enables that by having the information to hand at the touch of a button. Instant information The software will generate a whole host of reports for businesses. Therefore, no single person ever has to be given the task of preparing them. The software stores data relating the functions and operations ...


How cloud accounting improves customer experience

Cloud accounting is much more than just your average desktop product. It will obviously take care of all basic accounting functions, but using cloud opens up a whole world of opportunity for many businesses. Among the many benefits is an enhanced customer experience, highly important for many companies looking to expand their horizons. No lump-sum payments With most desktop accounting software systems, businesses are required to pay for it outright. Many business owners prefer to pay for services on a monthly basis as it doesn’t have a huge impact on their cash flow. Most cloud products will be a subscriber service, meaning the company pays a small monthly fees as and when they use the service. Access when and where you want With cloud accounting the business ...


Liquid Accounts Support Availability over Christmas & New Year

Christmas 2013 and New Year Support Availability

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Our Support team will be available to answer calls throughout the holiday period apart from the 25th, 26th, 27th, 30th & 31st December and 1st January 2014.

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Email Support available throughout the holiday period apart from 25th  & 26th December and 1st January 2014.

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What are the 3 most popular trends in cloud computing at the moment?

  Cloud computing is proving to be a dynamic system by continuously responding to the changing needs of businesses and providers. It is offering bigger and better benefits and that is positive for businesses. Here we look at the most popular trends in the cloud world. The rise of the hybrid cloud In order to meet the varied demands of businesses, many adopt a mix of public and private infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. The hybrid cloud is the perfect solution as it allows a business to manage functions in-house and externally. This enables a business to take advantage as the process is scalable and cost-effective.  It also doesn’t expose susceptible applications and data to third parties. Hybrid clouds can merge public and private information by simplifying the process with a ...


Is the rapid rise of cloud technologies resulting in a skills shortage?

Companies are adapting cloud on such a widespread basis that there are now fears it could lead to a shortage of IT workers with the necessary cloud skills. Specialist skills including how to design, deploy, build and manage cloud platforms are key to meeting demand, and will be even more important should the sector continue to grow. The evolution of the cloud continues at pace, requiring an increasingly more varied skill set, although there are still some who raise questions over its security, among other aspects. As cloud is implemented by more companies, sceptics can see it in action and are choosing to introduce it into their businesses as well. This increase requires more cloud experts all over the globe as it was only ...


The key pointers to consider when embracing cloud contracts

When thinking of integrating cloud services into a business it’s important to understand the benefits to express your expectations. Below are some helpful pointers to consider when taking out a cloud contract. An alternative to IT services The cloud is another way of governing your IT management, securing and integrating services from a range of sources.  The cloud promises to manage your IT in consistent and effective way. The cloud will form part of the overall IT infrastructure which needs to be taken into account when taking out a contract.  This requires careful consideration of factors such as risk, security and efficiency. What are your business needs? A cloud contract can be as secure, responsive and as cost effective as you wish according to your business ...

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