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New video from Liquid Accounts Following on from the successful launch of the new website and online accounting software product range, Liquid Accounts is pleased to present its new corporate video. Great viewing for all those interested in cloud accounting and the latest developments in online accounting software. For more information check out www.liquidaccounts.com


Liquid Accounts Launch Incredible Value Online Accounting Software

Liquid Accounts, the originators of cloud accounting In the UK, announce an exciting new range of online accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Although lesser known than some, the award winning online accounting software house has a long Cloud pedigree. The stealthy organisation has quietly but successfully owned a niche sector of the UK accounting market since 2007. After gaining a reputation as specialists in advanced accounting for larger organisations, in 2013 Liquid turned their attentions toward the development of attractive, easy to use and intuitive solutions for smaller business. On February 10th, 2014, Liquid Accounts launched a completely rewritten interface and new product range which included amongst others a Bookkeeper package aimed at micro SME’s under the £79,000 VAT threshold. ...


Brand New Website for Liquid Accounts

Liquid Accounts, the originators of cloud accounting in the UK, are pleased to announce the release of it's brand new website in conjunction with a completely overhauled software portfolio. The company has made significant investment in product and technical development, customer service and sales and marketing to provide customers with powerfully easy, great value online accounting software. The new look website incorporates the new Liquid Accounts brand identity and dedicated secure login area for customers. The site enables users to trial the new Liquid Accounts software free of charge for 30 days and also includes an areas specifically for accountants and bookkeepers. Liquid Accounts has also launched a completely rewritten interface and new product range which included amongst others a Bookkeeper package ...


New login procedure for customers

On Friday 7th February, Liquid Accounts launches its NEW LOGIN PROCEDURE together with a brand new website and a new look product range. NEW LOGIN PROCEDURE VIA NEW LIQUID ACCOUNTS WEBSITE All existing Liquid users should now sign in to their accounts securely via the ADVANCED USER LOGIN which is located within a pop-out tab on the upper left hand side our new website www.liquidaccounts.com. Should you have any queries regarding Liquid Accounts software or any other feedback then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Department on 0845 450 7304.


Graduates or school leavers – which group make the best accountants?

When it comes to accounting, people enter the profession from all sorts of backgrounds, but is a university education really required? In truth, school leavers are just as, if not more, capable of excelling in the world of accountancy as graduates. An accountant is a specialist role and naturally one would assume graduates would be better suited to it. There is a common belief among students that a degree is ‘the be all and end all’ in securing a good job. However, closer inspection into accountancy uncovers some interesting facts which may come as a surprise to some. The world of accountancy offers great diversity in terms of entry level opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, school leavers entering ...


Cloud cutting costs for accountancy companies

Since its inception, cloud has been going from strength to strength in the world of accountancy. This increasing popularity comes as a result of businesses becoming more attentive to the radical reformation of business practices that cloud is having on accountancy. More than half of accountants told a survey that they intend to use cloud to make a noticeable difference to efficiency and profitability. A recent study conducted by Censuswide found accountants listed the need for improving client satisfaction as a priority. Other reasons for the adoption of cloud services included the reduction of internal overheads, such as travel and data input costs with 48% of those questioned citing this reason. A further 30% said cloud provided a competitive difference and 23% said demand ...


The importance of communication within a successful accountancy practice

An accountant is often an integral part of any business and good communications skills are a must and cannot be undervalued. In order for financial information to be meaningful and helpful, key tasks such as budget preparation, reporting, bill paying and payroll need to be presented clearly and effectively. A number of stakeholders will be using information provided by accountancy departments or an individual accountant. Being first-rate at communication in accountancy is also crucial to developing good business practice, in order to identify what’s going on. Here are the key people who need to be in contact with the account team: Management Managers have to make good and viable business decisions, and often do so using information provided by accountants. The information has to make sense and ...


The key skills required in a changing accountancy world

Thanks to developments in technology, the world of accountancy is now gathering pace to focus on consultancy. It’s no longer just about figures and maths, as communication between clients and businesses is starting to take precedence. The speed at which technology is moving is closing the gap between accountants and their clients by pushing them towards collaboration. Among the reasons for this change is the rise of cloud computing being integrated into SMEs which is enabling accounting firms to be more mobile. People who were traditionally stuck behind the desks at SMEs can now work anywhere and at anytime, spurring the need for this collaboration. The increasing popularity of social media has given way to better levels of communication which in turn results in a ...


Why good advice and invoicing are vital to business success

SMEs across the UK are collectively losing billions of pounds as a result of poor financial management, according to the results of a survey of 450 companies. It listed that a fifth of SMEs had forgotten to invoice for goods or services at least once, while about 12 per cent confessed to missing an invoice for a job worth between £5,000 and £10,000. Meanwhile a staggering six per cent of companies said they had missed an invoice for a job worth £10,000 or more, according to the study by Exact. The perils of missing out There are 4.8 million SMEs in the UK and the implications of missing invoices could be putting them out of pocket by as much as £3.7 billion. Accountancy is ...

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