Five issues micro-businesses have faced in the last year… and how they overcame them

They say you never know what’s around the corner … and when it comes to business there has never been a truer word spoken. No matter how professional a ship you run, no matter how prepared you are for any eventuality, there is always a potential pitfall ready to throw your plans into disarray and in some cases even threaten your very livelihood. The downturn in 2007 resulted in the most difficult trading conditions for small businesses since the 1930s, requiring an industrious and innovative approach from those determined to survive it. Whilst the last year has seen what politicians might cautiously describe as ‘the green shoots of recovery’, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have faced some very different challenges. Here we ...


What is the key to successful and efficient online invoicing?

The way that the internet has impacted on all types of business means that many day to day tasks and operations are now quite easily undertaken online. For many simple business tasks such as invoicing, email has replaced physical post deliveries almost entirely as the immediacy not only cuts out potential delays but also any associated high volume postal costs are also negated. Of course, invoicing is only one aspect of the finances of running a business that can be simplified and streamlined by using online services. Today's 'cloud' approach means that the whole concept of commercial financial management has undergone nothing short of a revolution. Efficiency The traditional image of 'shoe box finance', where a mixture of paperwork including invoices, receipts and ...


What is the value of online software for SMEs in the modern business world?

Software for businesses is designed to help them to run their operations more effectively, cut costs and replace paper processes. As businesses continue to expand and embrace technology, the related software is quickly becoming an important cog that keeps the development in motion. Increasingly important role Increasingly, software is being seen as vital to the IT infrastructure of business, determining the way it is both run and managed. When these processes are done on small scales, as exists in SMEs, there is a need to ensure they are all done efficiently and accurately, as extra technological support often comes at a price. Online software provides plenty of new options to a business, as web-based applications can develop means of communication, measure office productivity and ...


Growth in cloud set to continue throughout 2014

Substantial growth in enterprise cloud computing is set to continue throughout this year and into the next, according to a recent study. Findings from TheInfoPro, a service of 451 Research, discovered that 69% of businesses surveyed who have separate budgets for cloud computing expect their spending to increase. When you consider these figures, the benefits of using the cloud accounting software are obvious. As well as this, the study discovered that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) activity has doubled to around 30% of all projects. It is not entirely straightforward though, as 83% of respondents have faced some kind of stumbling block with the implementation of cloud initiatives. That figure is up by 9% on the ...


Which type of professional will accountants need?

Due to the rise of innovation in the world of accountancy, largely brought on through the use of cloud services, the sector is expected to be opening its doors to new recruits next year. It is likely that accountancy firms will also be looking towards technological specialists in cloud to handle the new technology being introduced. Cloud has not only changed the face of accountancy in the way they do business, but it is also changing the dynamics of job roles. Accountants are paying homage to the advantages of cloud services – resulting from the widespread acceptance that it has been a catalyst for growth and client satisfaction. Specialist roles are likely to be required to handle the increasing levels of data being used ...


IT sector experiencing a business boom

The IT sector is firmly on the rise, thanks to the development of many technical companies covering many different aspects of global business. Social media has played a key role in this rapid growth which has helped to raise the profile of regions such as East London’s Silicon Roundabout in Tech City. This has helped galvanise innovation in the sector and, when coupled with the rising use of cloud software, has brought about many new approaches. Around 20% of the new companies are small with less than 50 employees, with the vast majority being sole contractors, according to the research. The current economic climate lends itself well to setting up business as the early signs of recovery could well transform into long-term success. The ...


Press Release – Liquid Accounts Look Set To Challenge Industry Leaders

Liquid Accounts, the originators of cloud accounting In the UK, are emerging from a period of intense development following the release of a completely overhauled software portfolio. Although less known than many, the award winning online accounting software house actually has a long Cloud pedigree. The stealthy organisation has quietly but successfully owned a niche sector of the UK accounting market since 2007. Liquid was developed by accountants for accountants and larger companies who wanted the advanced functionality of a traditional installed package but in an online cloud version. Others became aware of Liquid’s success and set out to emulate it. Given the complexity and time required to develop such a functional solution, many just sought to write a basic program that ...


Can the Cloud improve financial efficiency?

Efficiency, growth and innovation have become the hallmarks of cloud services and it is for these reasons that many companies are turning to cloud in order to boost business. As accountants strive to look for ways to boost business and increase turnover, cloud-based solutions can provide a relatively straight-forward option in this regard. Improving efficiency can help with cost-cutting and long-term business expansion as more funds are available for other aspects of the business. But to what extent can cloud help to improve financial efficiency? No more manual business processes Inevitably, as businesses grow, so do the demands for information. Some aspects of a business can encounter congestion and backlog can develop which can consequently lead to a strain on financial management. As a ...


Press Release – Liquid Accounts Launch Incredible Value Online Accounting Software

Liquid Accounts, the originators of cloud accounting In the UK, announce an exciting new range of online accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Although lesser known than some, the award winning online accounting software house has a long Cloud pedigree. The stealthy organisation has quietly but successfully owned a niche sector of the UK accounting market since 2007. After gaining a reputation as specialists in advanced accounting for larger organisations, in 2013 Liquid turned their attentions toward the development of attractive, easy to use and intuitive solutions for smaller business. On February 11h, 2014, Liquid Accounts launched a completely rewritten interface and new product range which included amongst others a Bookkeeper package aimed at micro SME’s under the £79,000 VAT threshold. ...

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