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PAYE Real Time Information

HMRC PAYE Real Time Information (RTI) continues to go well with over 1.6 million PAYE schemes successfully reporting PAYE information in real time. Following feedback from stakeholders, we would seek to extend the reporting relaxation for smaller businesses to 5th April 2014 to tie in with the full tax year.   We can now confirm that the reporting extension has now been agreed and this relaxation will remain in place until 5th April 2014.  Under this relaxation, employers with fewer than 50 employees who pay their employees monthly or more frequently are still required to report through the new system, but are able to do so once a month (but no later than the end of the tax month (5th), rather than ...


What is the most important way in which cloud computing could assist a busy accountancy firm?

  Cloud is enabling more information than ever before to be available to those that need it, meaning certain sectors are seeing far-reaching benefits. One such sector is that of accounting, as the introduction of cloud has developed it to such an extent that some areas are now unrecognisable to how they were before. A move towards digital accounting has gone hand in hand with appeals to save the planet and make the sector paperless. Not only does it save on printing and paper costs but it allows business accountancy firms to be constantly aware of the financial situation and respond immediately to any issues. Improved workflow and structure New workflows that digitalise information as soon as it comes to the firm means simple analysis ...


Can cloud computing be the key to a UK economic recovery?

Cloud computing is being incorporated into businesses – both large and small – at a steady rate as they look to improve efficiency and get ahead of their competitors. Questions are now being asked as to whether it could be a driving factor in leading the recovery of the economy. Scottish Conservative Chairman David Mundell has claimed that incorporating cloud into our economy would offer employment opportunities and help to reduce costs. The MP for Dumfriesshire believes that cloud can help companies to expand and be more profitable, while plans are in place to continue the introduction of cloud into further parts of the public sector. “Technologies such as cloud computing can have a real impact on competitiveness, creating new ways to deliver services ...


What more could my company do to embrace cloud computing?

The cloud revolution is gathering pace, with more and more companies turning towards the concept in a bid to make themselves more efficient. Cloud computing offers the chance to improve the genetics of a business, cutting costs and allowing technology to dominate the running of the company. The demands of businesses are constantly changing, and having a platform which can deal with demand is vital to the long term success of a company. All of a sudden, data is available on the move via mobiles, tablets and other technology, meaning preparation for important meetings and the updating of vital information is always possible. This increases productivity and helps push businesses towards the front of their respective fields, as the processes behind running the company ...


What are the three key ways that accounting software can improve my business?

Financials are the core aspects of any business or enterprise, regardless of its size, and software which helps to alleviate the difficulties often faced is always appreciated. Having a sound understanding of the situation a business finds itself in can be of vital importance should something go awry. After all, loss-making ventures can end even more quickly than they began if the correct financial understanding is not in place. Simplicity Accounting software provides a simple solution, allowing the complex processes to be easily understood and increasing the general ease of accounting as a result. It will record income and expenditure and helps take care of VAT, tax and PAYE as well as dealing with the requirements of the Charity Commission.   Spreadsheets are an ideal way ...


Liquid Accounts Nominated for Software Satisfaction Award

Liquid Accounts is pleased to announce that we have been nominated for an award under the Accounting / Bookkeeping section in this year's Software Satisfaction Awards, which is being run by Accounting Web. These awards provide customers the opportunity to share experiences on the software they use and feedback can influence and shape software development for the future. Liquid Accounts is listed along with the other major players in the cloud accounting field such as Xero, ClearBooks, KashFlow and FreeAgent etc.  The winning Software company will be announced in October and presented with a prestigious Accounting Web Software Satisfaction Award, Should you wish to vote for Liquid Accounts and take part in a 5 minute survey please see Closing date for voting is 30th ...


Can cloud computing improve the functionality of my working day?

Cloud computing is quickly moving towards being common in the workplace. Gone are the days when it was merely an experimental system for data storage, as it can now span a whole host of devices and offer an unparalleled ease of use. Across a business, cloud computing allows for the careful scaling of data sets, enabling the efficient management and use of resources. Issues surrounding the reliability of internet connections limit the full impact of cloud so far but constant software updates and improvements limit these concerns. With the internet so fundamental to many businesses today, incorporating cloud is considered as the latest ‘must-have’ in a move to drive industries forward. The benefits Cloud increases the ease with which tasks can be carried out, while it ...


Liquid Accounts Picks up Yorkshire Business Award

Liquid Accounts is delighted to announce we have won “Business of the Month” for August 2013.  The judging panel for this award was made up a partner at Eaton Smith Solicitors, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and the UKTI and two others from the local business community.    Liquid Accounts beat 5 other businesses from the Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield areas of West Yorkshire to pick up this accolade. Colin Meakin, CEO of Liquid Accounts, will be presented with the award on 6th September at Eaton Smith Solicitors in Huddersfield.  He commented “we are very pleased to be recognised in such a successful business community and are proud to fly the flag for Yorkshire enterprise.”  liquid.current


What can we expect for the future of cloud computing?

  The concept of cloud computing has developed rapidly in a very short space of time, so much so that the term ‘cloud’ might soon be dropped altogether. Currently, the on-demand computing model is considered a new way of providing the services that many IT companies have been delivering for several decades. Shaping the future of the sector By updating links across servers and acting as an effective means of storing data on large scales, cloud has opened up a vast number of opportunities in IT. Stretching across the globe, the systems enable a more efficient way of working, with more and more businesses choosing to use cloud. When in its infancy, the concept can take some time to be fully adopted by the IT sector, ...