New Liquid Premium Launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our New Liquid Premium V8 online accounting software along with several other functionality augmentations which also apply to our Bookkeeper and Accounts packages. Earlier this year, Liquid developed 2 new online accounting packages aimed at micro-SME’s. Over the last several months, we have been busy rewriting our Liquid Premium package for advanced users. V8 Premium has an attractive new look, an easy to use interface and loads of extra functionality. As well as being for use with our Premium package, the following new features will also be available to our Bookkeeper and Accounts users which include: a Capsule CRM integration, new payroll add-on, bank feeds and a best of breed free ...


The importance of cloud computing in the IT sector

With mobile web usage set to outstrip that on desktop by the end of this year, it’s clear that cloud adoption is now more vital for businesses than ever before. Digital technology is fast evolving, and is quickly becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency – both in time and cost. Cloud technology is also evolving – where once it was considered merely a system for storing data, it must now be seen as a multifaceted ecosystem, allowing for the practical scaling of data, the efficient management and use of resources and the effective outsourcing of access across a range of mobile devices. The internet is undoubtedly every company’s most important asset. Making the most of the web through the ...


The mCommerce boom and its impact on UK businesses

The mCommerce boom and its impact on UK businesses The latest research from online retail association IMRG Capgemini has revealed that more than a third of all online retail transactions that took place in the UK last quarter were conducted over mobile devices. The report – Quarterly Benchmarking – looks at data between February and April of this year, analysing trends in sales across all platforms. In this three month period transactions completed on mobile devices rose to 34%, an increase from 32% in the previous quarter and a 20% growth on the same period in 2013. 3,400% increase in mobile transactions since 2010 The rapid rise of mCommerce has been widely chronicled over the last four years, and market penetration has grown by ...


Could cloud computing provide the platform for continued economic recovery?

There’s no doubt about the rising popularity of cloud software. The technology is now looking to dominate businesses – both large and small – across the country and the wider global community. It has proven vital to improving administrative efficiency and in helping organisations get (and stay) ahead of the competition. As such the cloud can be seen as a great incentive for organisations to work harder. With a survey recently revealing that as much as 65% of UK-based accounting practices are keen to incorporate cloud based accounting software into their services, compared with 23% last year, it is clear that the cloud is here to stay. But what effect can this have on the economy? Employment opportunities You would be forgiven for ...


Liquid Accounts introduce everreach – the new virtual phone service to help you answer more calls and grow your business

Liquid Accounts is pleased to be partnered with everreach, a virtual phone service for start-ups and small businesses. From time to time, we like to introduce our customers to complimentary technology that will enhance our own service. everreach’s virtual phone service is just such a technology. everreach allows you to pick a virtual number from a choice of thousands, forward and manage your calls online to suit your business’s needs. Put simply, it enables you to come across professionally and helps you to look and sound like a big business. Take your 2 month everreach trial and benefit from these great features: everreach features: UK Local Area or National 0845 Virtual Number Call Forwarding Call Menus Audio Greetings Business Voicemail Voicemail to Email Time Controls Call Stats ...


65% of UK accounting practices to offer cloud accounting

A recent survey carried out by OnePollhas revealed that two-thirds of UK accounting practices are already providing or are looking to provide cloud services to their clients this year. The figure has almost tripled from the 23 per cent recorded last year when a similar survey was conducted, with many accountancy firms citing client demands to be online as the main factor behind this recent surge. In total, 65 per cent of firms responded that they have already adopted online accounting software into their service provision or were planning to do so in the near future. Stay ahead of the competition According to the survey, the main reasons for adopting cloud software were the need to stay ahead of the competition ...


Liquid Accounts announces partnership with Frillo to provide access to the industry’s best value business supplies and services

As well as offering a range of cost-effective and easy to use online accounting software, Liquid Accounts has also teamed up with Frillo.co.uk - a revolutionary B2B marketplace where businesses can buy everyday products at cost, access savings and helpful content. The “Frillo Marketplace” is a new and convenient way to buy a wide range of products and services. Some people are saying it’s “…like Amazon…but for business”. We think they’re better. Where else can you buy Tippex, save money on your insurance and get advice on tax? • Save on average 30% on your average business basket • Access savings on overheads such as utilities and insurance • Get support and advice for helping your business • Free up your time so you can concentrate ...


Confused by cloud accounting? Common myths BUSTED!

Once an industry buzzword and now a way of life, cloud computing has really taken off in the technology industry over recent years, with statistics claiming up to three-quarters of UK businesses and organisations would be using at least one cloud service by the end of December 2013. If you’re still a little confused by online accounting software and the intricacies of the Cloud in general, then this myth-busting overview should help you get your head around it. Myth: storm clouds will threaten my business Shockingly, more than half (51%) of those interviewed in the Citrix Cloud Survey believed stormy weather would affect the performance of any cloud-based software they were using. Although the name given to this vein of technology ...


The changing role of accountants

The economic rollercoaster of the last six years or so will certainly be remembered as an extremely difficult time for businesses, but the number of mergers, insolvencies and acquisitions that took place during these years provided a steady stream of business opportunities for a number of accountancy firms. In this special time of increased activity, many accounting firms found themselves in heightened direct competition with one another, meaning greater demand from clients and a greater return on investment generally for services. Value-added services As such, it was essential for these firms to adapt to the prevailing circumstances – developing and offering new value-added services, primarily achieved by migrating much of their provisions to the cloud and offering near unlimited levels of access ...

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