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Business accounting – anxiety and how to beat it

With the new tax year well under way, here is why the smart money's on the forward planners: Running a business, and more specifically the accounts for a business, is a funny old thing - mention you work in relation to accounting, people tend to recoil, or ask for inside information to beat the system!  The thing is - inside information doesn’t exist - all that the canny, self-employed person needs is to understand the system. But life as a business owner can be hectic and involve the wearing of many hats - HR expert, accountant, marketer, sales person - the list is endless.  So often the dry, intimidating areas of running a business, such as the accounting, get pushed to the ...


The key pointers to consider when embracing cloud contracts

When thinking of integrating cloud services into a business it’s important to understand the benefits to express your expectations. Below are some helpful pointers to consider when taking out a cloud contract. An alternative to IT services The cloud is another way of governing your IT management, securing and integrating services from a range of sources.  The cloud promises to manage your IT in consistent and effective way. The cloud will form part of the overall IT infrastructure which needs to be taken into account when taking out a contract.  This requires careful consideration of factors such as risk, security and efficiency. What are your business needs? A cloud contract can be as secure, responsive and as cost effective as you wish according to your business ...


Why switching to online accountancy practices are good for the environment

The introduction of online accountancy is transforming businesses structure, improving efficiency and increasing the levels of work that can be taken on. But it also has another benefit – it helps the environment. Therefore it’s little wonder that accountancy firms are turning to online services in their droves. Online methodology is being linked to improving time efficiency and customer satisfaction, but it is its environmental impacts that could be the best news. There is increasing emphasis on companies and corporations to become savvier when it comes to their environmental obligations. It’s no longer acceptable for companies to merely say they’re playing a part in saving the environment – they’re being held accountable and are expected to prove it. Companies are choosing online services to complement their ...


Why disaster planning is vital….even with the cloud

The rising popularity of cloud due to its ease and efficiency is impossible to dispute, but are contingencies still in order? When cloud first appeared on the scene, many companies expressed fears over embracing its services although the majority of these fears have since diminished. This is because the diverse benefits of integrating cloud services have lifted a huge weight off businesses, particularly in accountancy. However, some concerns are perfectly valid and should not only be taken seriously but acted upon. Disaster planning is crucial, especially in regards to protecting mission-critical operations that are vital to the everyday running of a company.   Why? Cloud systems are effectively rented from a provider, so the service is not technically owned by a company. Whether it is storage, space, databases ...


How can cloud computing benefit the public sector

The public sector is facing dramatic cuts to many budgets as a result of the economic downturn, placing a focus on getting more for less. Therefore, the introduction of cloud is arriving at the perfect time, as greater services are available for lower amounts of cash. The cuts come at the same time as growing demands for better and more efficient services, so these demands for innovative ends are resulting in more public sector bosses turning to cloud. It offers them a viable solution to reach their goals as services can be procured in a more cost effective manner. Coinciding with this is an ability to share data and services in an easier fashion while publically held information can be made even more accessible ...


Trends in cloud computing – what can we learn?

With cloud technology increasing in popularity by the day, businesses are now searching for ways of enhancing the system and making it even more beneficial. It is being implemented in more locations than ever before and as it moves into the mainstream its uses will be more closely scrutinised. With so many offerings currently on the table, it is very hard to pick just one cloud provider, which is seeing many businesses broaden their horizons. They are increasingly turning to multiple providers in order to get the best of all available services and boost their business accordingly. There had been fears that such cloud sprawl can make it harder to track the resources and spending in a company. It is likely that most businesses will ...


What does the latest range of cloud chips mean for the computing world?

In pursuit of delivering a better cloud computing experience, Intel has launched its latest 22-nanometer Xeon E5 2600 v2 chips. The new chips will supersede Xeon E5 chips, and promise better performance alongside being more energy-efficient. When compared with the previous generation of chips, they are 45% more efficient and can deliver an improvement in performance by around 50%. So what really sets the latest chips apart from the pack? Performance The latest generation of Xeon E5 chips promises to improve overall performance of the system, increasing ease of use while ensuring all recent sector developments have been taken into account. Many businesses are currently using servers that don’t fully utilise all the available resources that these new chips could unleash. With the prospect of data handling ...


Growth in cloud set to continue throughout 2014

Substantial growth in enterprise cloud computing is set to continue throughout this year and into the next, according to a recent study. Findings from TheInfoPro, a service of 451 Research, discovered that 69% of businesses surveyed who have separate budgets for cloud computing expect their spending to increase. When you consider these figures, the benefits of using the cloud software are obvious. This included the remainder of 2013 and throughout 2014, suggesting considerable growth for the use of services. As well as this, the study discovered that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) activity has doubled to around 30% of all projects. It is not entirely straightforward though, as 83% of respondents have faced some kind of stumbling block with the implementation ...


Ways of improving cloud security

As cloud computing increases in popularity there is a surefire need to ensure that the business data available is always safe and secure. Those wishing to access the system could cause untold misery if allowed into the system, meaning security measures are more important than ever. Indeed, many companies have listed security issues as a reason for slow uptake of cloud solutions, highlighting how important it is to look after data and files. As cloud expands to encompass more devices, it means a greater number of employees, customers and contractors can access data which may need protection. Limited access Staff who need to access valuable data should be placed under more scrutiny and properly trained, unless an error opens up the system to intruders. These members ...